Friday, October 5, 2007

And the results are in...

It's a girl! We found out last week when I had my ultrasound. I totally wasn't going to find out, but decided while I was lying there that I needed to get over any disappointments BEFORE I held that sweet baby in my arms. I had to take a deep breath and stop myself from crying when she told me. I'm okay with having a girl (now-LOL). I just know there will be some challenges that comes with having a girl. I know this because I am a girl and KNOW what kind of drama it entails! So, I had to go shopping that evening to try and cheer myself up and it almost backfired on me. Too much PINK!!! I hate pink. Actually, I don't hate all pink colors, just girly, baby pink. And everything for little baby girls is that awful color pink. Thankfully, Target knows that not everyone wants that awful color on their baby girls and I found the sweetest outfit to bring her home in. It is pink, but NOT that awful baby girl pink. And it has flowers and butterflies embroidered on it. So, it's a girl and we are (getting) excited about it. lol
I'm loving the doctor that I've seen. I have been able to see her every time I've gone for an appt. That is a major miracle since the military hospital always wants you to see every doctor available. But she has scheduled all of my appts before I left and I am seeing her again this month. Hopefully, she won't leave before the baby comes!
In non-baby news, dh is re-doing our kitchen floor. Finally! I hated that white vinyl floor fromt he beginning and we have finally gotten rid of it! He is putting in tile. This weekend he is installing the underlayment. It will probably be next weekend before he gets the tile installed because the underlayment has to sit for a couple of days before he starts. And he will be out of town next week (of course). So, that's our life right now. Not so exciting.