Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The days are getting longer!

Yeah! I love it when the days start to get longer and it gradually starts to warm up. Spring is on its way! And the great part is that Daylight Savings Time starts early this year! Woohoo! I'm sure T will give me grief about going to bed when it's still light out though. That's okay 'cause he will have to go to bed anyway. haha-It's great to the mommy!

I spent the day scrappin' since I had to keep T home from school yesterday and from MOPS today. He had an upset stomach so I couldn't take him anywhere. He is definately feeling better now though. he's just about drove me nuts this afternoon! Here is what I did today. I also made a card for a swap I am in.
Other than that, there's not a lot going on around here. Trying to make the time go by until C gets back. I am thankful there is nothing going on because that would totally stress me out! Well, I'm going to find something else to work on tonight!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

5 Things that made me Smile...

this past weekend.

1. Being able to leave Teddy with someone while I got my hair cut.
2. Watching Teddy play with his grandparents.
3. Caleb's phone call.
4. Spending time with my cousin and his family.
5. Teddy and his trains

We had a great time visiting our family in SC this past weekend. It was a quick trip! That was the whole point though-to make some days go by faster! I always love going home and going to Hobby Lobby, where I find all kinds of cool things that I just have to have for my SB stash! Like a bunch of clear stamps (at 50% off-who doesn't need them?!?), a huge paper punch (also 50%off), some cute rub ons, and other assorted stuff. Love that place!

I am so excited that I have been able to "fix" some of my wedding photos with Photoshop Elements. I've even done 2 layouts for our wedding album! I'll post those later. I'm off to bed here shortly.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just another Monday...

at our house. Busy, as usual. But that is a good thing because the time goes by faster. And soon, Caleb will be home! Yippee! Tomorrow is MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and then I am meeting with some gals to chat about starting a group meal swap. I think it will be neat and will definately be a time saver for all of those involved. Hopefully, we can get the details worked out tomorrow and get started on it by the beginning of next month.

Anyway, I finished T's mini album yesterday. Here's the rest of the pics. I am so glad I did it for him. I think he will like it. And maybe I'll get to hear his "WOW! Thank you Mommy!" one more time. In the last week, he has started calling me mama instead of mommy and that makes me sad. He still says mommy about half the time, but it is still a bittersweet time. My little boy is growing up so fast. Literally. Just in the last couple of weeks, he has outgrown most of his clothes! I had to go buy all new stuff for him last week!
Well, that's all for now. I need to get some reading done tonight.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Scrappin' the day away!

That's what I did today! Had tons of fun at the 2SCD online crop today. I decided, yesterday, that I should make Teddy a mini album for Valentine's Day so I worked on that during the crop. It is so cute! Totally glad I did it! Here are a couple of the pics. Can you tell he is totally into transportation things, especially his trains? We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine last summer and he had a blast. I'm thinking about taking him again this year. Just have to see how Caleb's schedule is for the summer first. I'll post the rest of the pics as I get them done.
Thanks for the comments about the scraproom, ladies! I am totally lovin' it! So much so that I haven't even changed anything yet-which if you know me, says a lot about how well it works. I constantly change things around, just ask Caleb! haha
I still have not attempted our taxes. Shocked I have always done them online through the IRS linked sites (free, of course-gotta love the military!) when I have done them, but I'm not sure if we will get to file for free this year. We may be right at the cutoff for the AGI, but I'm not sure. Guess I'll find out when I start them! Maybe I'll do that this coming week.
I'm thinking about going to SC for a long weekend this Thursday. I'm hoping it will make the time go by a little faster. We are almost halfway through this deployment, but it is dragging along ever so slowly. That's the one thing about post-Christmas deployments-they drag because there is nothing going on really. Which reminds me, I need to take a pic of our kisses jar. It's about half empty! Well, I'm off to bed now! Hopefully, it won't be so long next time!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

I have been so busy lately! Running around after Teddy, working on Mary's circle journal, getting stuff for other swaps together, doing some layouts, stuff at church. the list just goes on and on and on! I really need to sit down and do our taxes soon too. That's going to be a nightmare, I'm sure! I hate doing them! But I'm too cheap to pay someone else to do them so I gotta just buckle down and do it.
I haven't really done anything else to my new scraproom. Actually, I did buy a big cutting mat to go on the desk. I love it! It beats dragging out a small one every time I need to cut something! I am loving the new set up too! I can get to everything I need easily and quickly. I think it's just about perfect! That's all for now! I still have stuff to do before bedtime tonight!