Monday, June 18, 2007

New Class at 2ScrappyChixDesigns

I am taking a new class over at 2ScrappyChixDesigns. I can't wait to get started! It should be a blast. I love the idea of being able to finish an album quickly!
Only 3 more days until I leave for the crop! Woohoo!! I am packing my scrappy stuff today! I know C is going to have a fit when he has to help me load it all into the truck Thursday evening! Oh well. He'll get over it. I think he and T are going to try to go camping this weekend. If he can find a spot that isn't too bad. Glad I'm getting out of that one! Problem is that I know T will want to go again and its only getting hotter! Oh well, its usually pretty fun to take him camping so I guess it won't be so bad if I have to go later.
Well, back to packing!

Friday, June 15, 2007

More exciting news!

Yep, that would be positive for a new baby! Woohoo! T keeps saying that he is getting a little brother AND a little sister. Not that that would be bad, but it could be more than I'm ready for! LOL! I won't find out for several more weeks-couldn't get into the doctor until July 10. That's the military for ya-no rush on anything.

I'm getting so excited about the crop next weekend! I got my tablemate gifts together today. It's not much, but pretty cute packaging, at least. Now, I just need to try and pack so that I am not carting everything to F'burg with me! It will be so nice just to be away from the house by myself! And of course I get to scrap with all the CHIX who are coming too! It should be a fabulous time!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Home alone!

I actually have the house all to MYSELF tonight and all day tomorrow! Ds is visiting grandparents in SC and dh is in DC for meetings. Dh should get home tomorrow evening sometime and we go pick up ds on Saturday. It's been a great week! I've been able to complete at least one layout every day this week! I finished my project for the crop over at 2 ScrappyChixDesigns this weekend. I know the crop will be lots of fun, as it always is! I wish I could be there for the whole weekend, but we have to get our child sometime. I talked to my mom yesterday afternoon while she was watching ds and she told me she had gone in and told her co-worker that she didn't think she was cut out to be a grandma because he never shuts up! I just laughed at her and asked how she thought I felt all the time. I love the little guy to peices, but he never shuts up! LOL! Always asking questions too so I can't even tune him out when I want/need to! Oh well, he's learning lots of things right now so I guess its not all bad!
I got my ATG gun today! Woohoo! I have already completed a layout with it! So far, so good with it. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but not too bad. I just have to call the company tomorrow because they did not send me as many refills as I had ordered. At least they didn't charge me for them, but I don't want to pay shipping to re-order them either! I'll let tomorrows problems worry about themselves, I guess. Right now, I'm going to scrap some more!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Exciting news!

I have the chance to be a guest design team member over at 2SCD this month! It is a great little kit that I have to work with. You can see it here: I don't normally work with black and white that much so it was a little intimadating at first, but I have done a couple of layout so far. the top 2 layouts are fromt he June kit and the bottom on is for the monthly challenge over there. The pp on the last one is Daisy Bucket-so cute! I have several papers from them and LOVE it all!