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Monday, June 18, 2007

New Class at 2ScrappyChixDesigns

I am taking a new class over at 2ScrappyChixDesigns. I can't wait to get started! It should be a blast. I love the idea of being able to finish an album quickly!
Only 3 more days until I leave for the crop! Woohoo!! I am packing my scrappy stuff today! I know C is going to have a fit when he has to help me load it all into the truck Thursday evening! Oh well. He'll get over it. I think he and T are going to try to go camping this weekend. If he can find a spot that isn't too bad. Glad I'm getting out of that one! Problem is that I know T will want to go again and its only getting hotter! Oh well, its usually pretty fun to take him camping so I guess it won't be so bad if I have to go later.
Well, back to packing!


kix said...

How fun... I love camping!
Have a great time at the crop!

Roni K said...

So how did the crop go? I remember not getting as much done on my crop as I thought I would. Too much talk!

Anxious to see all output for the 2SCD class!

Oh, here is something to have some fun with... I tagged you, see the info on my blog.

Kate O'Brien said...

Hope you had fun at the crop!