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Friday, June 15, 2007

More exciting news!

Yep, that would be positive for a new baby! Woohoo! T keeps saying that he is getting a little brother AND a little sister. Not that that would be bad, but it could be more than I'm ready for! LOL! I won't find out for several more weeks-couldn't get into the doctor until July 10. That's the military for ya-no rush on anything.

I'm getting so excited about the crop next weekend! I got my tablemate gifts together today. It's not much, but pretty cute packaging, at least. Now, I just need to try and pack so that I am not carting everything to F'burg with me! It will be so nice just to be away from the house by myself! And of course I get to scrap with all the CHIX who are coming too! It should be a fabulous time!


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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

congrats becky! k keeps saying that we are having a boy and a baby schister, too...i think it's only because of dora...ONLY one heartbeat for me. =0)