Monday, January 28, 2008

Just maybe...

this little baby will be here soon. I've been having lots of contractions since last Wednesday and she has dropped considerably over the weekend so it's just about impossible to walk. Had lots of contractions today too and now my back is hurting as well. Don't know that that indicates anything, but we'll see. I do have a doctor's appt in the morning so we'll see if anything is happening then. I'm kinda hoping that I am still having contractions in the morning and have dialated enough she will go ahead and put me in the hospital. Not holding my breath though. I'll try to remember my camera, just in case. lol
That is pretty much all we have going on right now. Just waiting on baby K to get here. Don't know if it's the anxiousness, or what, but T has been driving us both crazy lately with whining, not wanting to do what we tell him, and talking back. He's also aggrevating the dog, who doesn't need any other excuses to be hyper. She is going nuts too. I guess she senses the changes about to come as well, because she has been a little more hyper as well the last few days. I may lose my mind if this baby doesn't get here soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


12 more days until Baby K gets here! Unless, of course, she decides she can't wait that long. Which would not really be a bad thing, as I can barely sleep and function properly at this point. It doesn't help that I have a cold that is messing up my head as well. The joys of the last trimester... I am just glad that I am not as miserable as I was with T at this point!
We did finally decide on a name, but I'm not gonna share that just yet. LOL!! A few more days of waiting for that won't hurt anyone! I will say that her initials will be K. C. Risinger. Finding a name for this baby girl was hard! C and I could not agree on most of the names that the other threw out as ideas! We finally found a couple that we both liked and just picked one. We both came to the conclusion that boys are easier to name!
I've been scrapping up a storm lately to try and get caught up with T's album before she gets here. I have actually done a couple of pages for her album as well. Here are some pages for her album:

I was pretty shocked that I actually took some belly shots this time. C was shocked too because he commented on it as well.

And here are some from T's album that are recent:

If I weren't so tired, and lazy, I would upload to photobucket and do a slide show. That is just way too much effort right now. hahaha On that note, I better go to bed and at least try to get some sleep.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I didn't feel so bad...

until I saw these pictures.

I just took them today and OMG! I didn't realize I was so HUGE!!!!! Oh well, at least I don't have that long now. lol I go to the doctor this Thursday to schedule my c-section, which she already told me would probably be either 2/4 or 2/5. The doctor finally got the report on my c-section with T and she said that my chances of having a successful VBAC are only about 20% because he failed to descend. So, rather than go through all that again and be disappointed with another c-section, I opted to just go ahead and have the c-section. She did tell me that the recovery will be easier this time because I would not have struggled with labor all day/night. As long as she is healthy and happy, I'm good. And from the looks of my belly right now, she may come early anyway! LOL I was measuring 2 weeks over what I should have been at my last appt so I'm hoping that means she will be a little early!
That's about all I am up to right now. I don't have the energy to much of anything else.
We did have a nice Christmas. C's parents came up for a few days during Christmas so T was excited about that. My parents are coming for a week when the baby is born and C's parents will come back the week after that. T is looking forward to that, as well as when the baby sister is coming. We have to count the days until she comes about every 2 days or so just so he can keep track. We still don't have a name picked out. C told me I could not ask him about it anymore until he had looked through the name book, which he has not done yet. I think I may just tell the doctor to name her when she comes out.
Ok, that's all for now because its hurting to sit here any longer. lol