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Monday, January 28, 2008

Just maybe...

this little baby will be here soon. I've been having lots of contractions since last Wednesday and she has dropped considerably over the weekend so it's just about impossible to walk. Had lots of contractions today too and now my back is hurting as well. Don't know that that indicates anything, but we'll see. I do have a doctor's appt in the morning so we'll see if anything is happening then. I'm kinda hoping that I am still having contractions in the morning and have dialated enough she will go ahead and put me in the hospital. Not holding my breath though. I'll try to remember my camera, just in case. lol
That is pretty much all we have going on right now. Just waiting on baby K to get here. Don't know if it's the anxiousness, or what, but T has been driving us both crazy lately with whining, not wanting to do what we tell him, and talking back. He's also aggrevating the dog, who doesn't need any other excuses to be hyper. She is going nuts too. I guess she senses the changes about to come as well, because she has been a little more hyper as well the last few days. I may lose my mind if this baby doesn't get here soon!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good labor vibes your way...if you've got a breast pump, whip it out (20mins. each side, 5 minute intervals)...that might work;0) and get any last minute stuff done. i steam cleaned the carpets and got the baby's curtains up the night before.