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Thursday, March 13, 2008

gotta love...

those first smiles. They are so cute! And they just get cuter and sweeter as she gets better control of those facial muscles. I think she melted C's heart the other day. She had been smiling at me for a couple of days, but had not specifically for him. Then one morning, he got up with her to change her diaper and she did smile for him and he got the biggest grin "Awww, look she's smiling!" So now he tries to get her to smile for him all the time. And she was smiling at T this morning too. He thought it was great too.

She is trying to laugh too. All she can get out though is a grunt or something along those lines. Its pretty cute. Every once in a while she will let out a "coo", but its purely accidental.
T is looking foward to going to SC next month. He wants to go camping and fishing with his daddy and papa. He loves to go camping! He told T-pa (my mom) that he wanted the camping set from Bass Pro for Christmas and of course they got it for him. He plays with it just about everyday. He even takes his Star Wars figures camping-Storm Troopers included! So then he told Nannie (C's mom) that he wanted to boat to go with his camping stuff so she bought that. Now all the Star Wars guys go fishing together too. It's quite funny to watch him. At least he is using his imagination, I guess. lol