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Thursday, May 7, 2009

still cleaning...

I never would have thought that it would take me 2 days to clean the living room, especially considering that the only thing that really needed decluttering/cleaning was the bookshelves and movie cabinet. I do need to switch out some toys for K, but those are in boxes in the garage so they will have to wait until we can get them out. But, the bookshelves are now decluttered and the movie cabinet is looking better. I put all of our DVD's into a case and tossed all of the individual plastic cases. I am hoping that we can get C's dad to put most, if not all, of our VHS movies onto DVD for us since he has one of those nifty little machines that does that. And then, the movie cabinet will look awesome!!
Here is a before pic of the bookshelves:

And here are the after pics:

I left the bottom 2 shelves on each one open because K likes to pull anything on those shelves off. I am going to get some baskets to put some toys in for her so they are not out in the open and it looks nicer.
And I have a nice little box of stuff for the thrift store. I hate doing yard sales so I am not even going to bother with trying to do that. I suppose I could try to sell some of the books on ebay or another used book site, but I don't know that I want to do that either. I don't have the patience to list each one, much less that much uninterupted time.
Today and tomorrow (and maybe the day after!) I am working in the kitchen. I did unclutter some of that before we moved, but I think I can overhaul it some more. We'll see. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any before shots yet. But I still have a ways to go so maybe I will get one or two at least!


Joni Kix said...

Congrats on the cleaning Becky!Your house is looking great... so uncluttered! I've checked out the Simple Mom site. Just reading about cleaning and decluttering is making me tired, lol! Good luck on the rest of the house!