Thursday, March 18, 2010

soccer season starts

T started soccer practice this past Monday. For once, he isn't the smallest kid on the team! lol He did pretty good despite the fact that he missed a couple of seasons. He was excited to be playing again. K thought she should be able to play as well because she kept trying to play in the goal and even ran to get in line with T so she could kick the ball. The other parents and the coaches were all chuckling at her enthusiasm to get out there. One of the coaches told her she was like lightening (which happens to be the team name). So, from now on, I think she will be staying with the grandparents so that I can actually watch T practice instead of run around chasing her. He wants to play football in the fall instead of soccer. We'll see how that goes. He tends to whine a lot when he gets hurt so I don't know that football will be a good match for him, but he may surprise me.
Spring Break is coming up in a couple of weeks. Not sure what we are going to do. The kids will be with their dad the first couple of days, but after that we have the rest of the week to fill up. I've been thinking of trying out geo-caching, but have to figure out if my phone has GPS capabilities (I'm sure it does) and how to use it. Well, that's about all going on around here.


Mary said...

You post about as often as I do! It is good to hear that you are getting settled and the kids are moving on with everything too. I am sure this has not been easy, but it sounds like you are handling it the best you can. I agree about the football and the whining. Good luck with that one. hahaha