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Saturday, May 10, 2008

A boy and his dog

Well, what used to be his dog. C decided to try his hand at quail hunting this past year and bought a puppy 2 summers ago. The dog, a Brittany, was a beautiful dog and very sweet and loving (even when T kicked, hit, chased, and fell on her). The major problem was that she required LOTS of exercise, and I mean LOTS. And since I was pregnant and then had a baby to take care of, I could not walk her everyday. C never had time to walk her when he got home in the evenings, which means that she had to find ways to relieve her boredom. That relief was usually in the form of digging up the flower beds that C worked on all day to make them look nice. I honestly had good intentions of starting to take her for walks when the doctor ok'ed exercise for me (post c-section). Then we found out that C is probably getting orders for a one year unaccompanied tour overseas with follow on orders (hopefully) to Germany. I am not about taking care of a high maintance dog in addition to 2 kids, one of which will be miserable without his daddy around. Plus, I did not think it was fair to her that she wouldn't be able to go out and hunt/train on a regular basis, which she absolutely loves to do. So, C and I decided to give up the dog. We contacted the breeder to see if he wanted her back and he said he would take her back. C and T drove down today to drop her off. C called once they had completed the task and said that T was very upset about it and cried for a while. He thinks that we got rid of her because she was digging up the flower beds. He keeps telling C that we could get another puppy that would not dig up the flower beds. I feel so sad for him. He aggrevated the dog like crazy, but he loved her to pieces. I guess we will have to get him a rabbit or something. lol Those don't require LOTS of exercise, do they?


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

sorry about the doggie...rabbits require a lot of cleaning;0)

Joni (kix) said...

Awww... it makes me sad to see kids sad. How about a nice cat? I hear they can walk themselves. hehehe!