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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They grow so fast

I can hardly believe that my little cutie is 3 months old already!! I took her for some professional photos last week. She didn't do as well as T would do for the camera. But I still got a couple of good pics of her. I came home and took some more of her and some of T, but could not get them together because she was ready for a nap. Next time, hopefully!

While we were at home in SC, C and T went to a minor league baseball game with C's dad and uncle. T had the greatest time! When we got back home, C bought him a baseball glove, and then I got him a bat and a hitting tee. He is pretty good. He can hit the ball when it's pitched to him even. I think it would be funny if he loved baseball instead of soccer! lol C would not be too happy about that though.

That's all I have for now.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

don't remind me...we were at church on sunday and saw a newborn and realized our little dude is NO longer a newborn...just sucks! hope you got the mag.

Jessica said...

AWE they are ssoooooo CUTE! I am surprised she is smiling so well at only 3 months. Then again, they grow so fast I am sure that is normal and I just forgot! LOL! What a doll! Nice to see you back on after a little while! HUGS!

Joni (kix) said...

It so nice to hear what is going on with you and to see photos of your family! I love the one of the baby smiling and the one of you and your son!