Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing around

I decided I wanted a new look for my blog so I am playing around with some backgrounds and the colors, etc. We'll see how it goes-I can't decide what I want to use. I may just change it around every so often. lol
Anyway, we actually got some snow yesterday afternoon! It rarely snows here, and its even more rare that it sticks, so the fact that we got about 5 inches in one afternoon/evening had the local news stations going crazy. It was "the blizzard of 2010" or something like that. lol This was after a lot of the states got 2 feet of snow dumped on them and more yesterday. Just a bit over-reactive here in the South. I did get a few pics of the kids playing in it but they are on my other computer so I'll have to post them later. K thought it was pretty neat until her hands got cold. then she started crying to come inside. She had more fun this morning because I did manage to find some "snow appropriate" mittens (that I thought I had donated already)for her to wear. I didn't get any pics this morning because my camera batteries were dead. T had a great time playing in the snow and didn't want to come inside even though his pants were soaked. We got rid of most of our snow clothes when we moved back to SC, so they didn't have too much that would protect them from the cold and wetness. Oh well, they had a blast anyway.