Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moving Forward…

So life has definitely been interesting for the last few months and continues to be so, even now. Some days feel like I am at a complete standstill and others make me feel as though life is passing me by. I was supposed to start school this semester, but will be starting in the Fall instead.

The kids are slowly adjusting to life without Daddy around, but it has not been easy or fun. T-man is playing basketball through a church league and will start soccer next month. He is looking forward to that. K is a bundle of energy and into everything she can get her hands on. I can't believe she just turned 2 this past week! T is doing very well in school, although he says he doesn't like it. Actually, he says he doesn't like the work part of school, but he does like lunch and recess. Lol

Here is pic of them from a couple of months ago:
I haven't been taking a lot of pics lately or scrapping, but am starting to get an itch for it so hopefully, I will get back to it soon. We are moving into our own place at the end of March so we should be getting into a better routine after that. I hope that is the case anyway. J


Mary said...

So glad to hear you are getting somewhat adjusted. I've missed you!

Mary said...

I am over at Joni is there too, but I think she posts more at Color Me Daisy.

Joni Kix said...

It's nice to catch up with you and the kiddos. It sounds like things are going your way now.

Mary is right, I am more active at Color Me Daisy. I really like the ladies there. Come on by when you get settled and get your scrap on!