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Monday, January 22, 2007

I love phone calls!

Especially when they are from my deployed hubby ! The only problem is(was) that T wanted to talk the whole time! I only got to talk for a few precious minutes, while T just babbled on and on. That's ok though. I know he is missing his daddy a lot. I miss him too.

Instead of making another emergency info book for my MOPS prize, I just altered this little notebook. I found a pack of them at Book-A-Million a couple of weeks ago and they are just so cute! I got busy getting ready for our creative activity that I ran out of time to work on the emergency info book. We are making picture frames. I found some unfinished wooden frames at Michaels for $1 so I got those and I primed them this afternoon while T was in school. They should be ready to go for painting and decorating.
I am signed up for this circle journal on 2SCD and it's my first one. I'm excited about it and nervous too! I don't use all of the embellishments and jazz up my layouts as much as some of these ladies do so I hope they still like what I do for them. It will be an awesome journal when I get mine back, I'm sure!


............Aimeslee said...

Hey girl: what does MOPS stand for again, I forgot! Sorry! Cuuuute notebooks, lady!